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As a property owner, maximizing your return on investment is key. Through the utilization of our property management services at Diversified North, you can relax as you watch your property increase in desirability and occupancy. Our experienced team can provide the services necessary to streamline the operation of your property.

As a full service property management company, Diversified North can manage your condo, house, duplex, town home, and multi-unit building. In addition, management services for Commercial retail and office space is also available.

As a property owner, ensuring compliance with the State of Alaska landlord laws, marketing of your property, tenant application review, property maintenance, cleaning, and rent tracking, owning a rental property can be a handful. We can make your job a little bit easier, letting you get on with your life.

Once the work day ends, we are still reachable by tenants for emergencies such as potential lockouts and water leaks through our call service. We employ a third party agency to take tenant calls and connect them to us, stopping potential headaches and improving tenant satisfaction.

We are here to help. Contact us today to discuss our process for using some of the best property management tools available in Anchorage.

Why Are We The Best?

From collecting rents to paying the bills, Diversified North can handle the monetary side of things for you.
Our in-house maintenance team provides a wealth of services. For after-hours emergencies, 24 hour response systems are in place to make sure your property is covered.
We deal with the day to day tenant-management relationship, which includes handling complaints, collecting rent, completing move-in and move-out inspections, and giving any notices that need to be given.
We market and advertise your property through multiple channels, including but not limited to social media, online real estate websites, our website, and printed regional publications.
Our leases are compliant with all State of Alaska and real estate commission laws.
Selling and purchasing property is often complicated and risky. Our decades of real estate buying and selling experience can help to guide owners through this process.
Receive your net pay directly into your bank account. A statement of your income and expenses is provided as well; this can be emailed or mailed depending on your preference.


Receive Payment Faster

Receive your net pay directly into your bank account. Receive a statement of your income and expenses; provided to you via email or regular mail.


Make Tenants Happy

Our in house maintenance team can take care of small fixes in your unit, which improves tenant satisfaction. In addition, our after hours answering service allows tenants to contact us for emergencies.


Higher Occupancy

Our real estate professionals know the local market well, which to effectly pair tenants with properties. This means your unit will likely experience a higher level of occupancy.

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